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Media Training – CHAS

“Saadia’s training has completely changed the way I look at communicating with others. I have had the opportunity to put her techniques into practice on two occasions now and the difference in both my presentation skills and people’s reactions was instantly noticeable. I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and even though I was frequently taken out of my ‘comfort zone’ I genuinely feel I have gained in confidence. It has given me a deeper understanding of media communication.”

Criona Knight, Fundraiser, CHAS

“Saadia delivered an absolutely fantastic training course. She is clearly extremely knowledgeable about the media and how it works and this came across loud and clear throughout the course. The course content had been carefully thought through and was interesting, fun and challenging and not without a few unexpected surprises!  I would not hesitate to recommend this course to others.”

Kerry Thompson, Relationship Manager, CHAS

“Saadia…Has supported our senior management team with an effective and creative media training programme, which has provided us with the expertise and confidence to deal with complex issues through establishing a simple set of principles and approaches to press interviews and enquiries.”

Maria McGill, Chief Executive, Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (Feb 2014)


“Working with Saadia has been a fantastic experience, she tailored the media training to the organisations needs and she adapted her style to the different layers of the charity. The sessions were interactive allowing staff to build their confidence and skills when dealing with the media. Saadia is professional, knowledgeable and has been brilliant in supporting myself and Blenheim alongside the training that she delivered.”

Helen Deeson, Marketing & Communications Manager, Blenheim CDP (Aug 2015)

” It has been a fantastic experience. The training helped me to gain the necessary confidence to talk to the media. It has helped me to learn how to project forward my subjects of interest and how to juggle through difficult or unexpected questioning. It is a practical and ‘hands on’ training that I have already made my own. I believe I will use it for a number of different situations.”

Alberto Pavan, Senior Practitioner, Blenheim CDP Evolve (May 2015)


“Saadia has now run two full day media training courses in Edinburgh which were both excellently evaluated by participants. A great deal of learning was taken from these training events and this was in no small part due to Saadia’s expertise of the subject as well as her creative and inclusive style of teaching. From a policing perspective I have taken more from this course than any other offered on this subject in 21 years of service, a point echoed by colleagues who also attended. I sat as an observer at both Edinburgh events and noted that the delivery changed slightly for the second event to take account of topical changes.  This demonstrates Saadia’s reluctance to rest on laurels and continually adapt and improve to take account of change.  The testimony for me was a room full of participants who were still totally engrossed at the end of the day in what Saadia had to say.  This is wholly indicative of the quality product delivered by Saadia Usmani.

Inspector Tom Galbraith, Lothian and Borders Police


“Saadia is a personable and supportive leader, her training day held extremely interesting and helpful content which I’ll feel confident to apply in the future. The schedule of the day was superb, blending forum, learning and workshop time seamlessly. It really maintained our energy levels and enthusiasm throughout. I will feel much happier and more confident in dealing with the media from now on. One of the best courses I’ve attended in years… highly recommended.”

Claire Thompson, Regional Fundraising Manager – HFT South West England (Nov 2013)

“Saadia is a very experienced and professional media practitioner and trainer. She can pitch her training absolutely to her audience and demonstrates sensitivity when handling less media experienced staff. Friendly and approachable with an air of authority which inspires confidence.
Reliable and happy to be hands on in her approach.”

Jacqui Gwilliam Director of Fundraising & External Comms, HFT

Edinburgh Community Food

“I found the training to be very useful and thought the way you presented the training was very professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending you. I had a call from Evening News today and I put the training I received into good practice, whereas before I probably would have panicked!”

Karen Miller, Operations Manager, Edinburgh Community Food (May2014)


“The training was invaluable and put me in an excellent position when a few months later I was involved in what felt like a media frenzy, with numerous radio and television interviews.  I realised that my previous experience had all been based on good news stories and they are relatively easy to do.  When faced with aggressive interviewers and having to address criticism and justify difficult decisions, it was only then that I realised I would have been torn to shreds had it not been for the training and on-going support I received from Saadia.”

Sally Rivers, Head of WRVS Services, Wales

“Having attended Media Training I feel far more confident in dealing with the press or handling potentially difficult calls, the combination of good training, role play, group work and a mock interview really puts you through your paces and makes you feel ready for anything!  I have learned the tricks of the trade in making a press announcement really stand out from the crowd.  Great training, expertly delivered with lasting results”

Fiona Hawthorn, Supporter Stewardship and Relationship Manager, WRVS

“I’ve been through several media courses (dealing with issues in the alcohol and sports industries as well as Local Government.) The media course run by Saadia has a rare level of professionalism and creative involvement. Practical advice can be translated into immediate action – so when you face that awful accident your company is responsible for, you get your response in the right order. There are excellent opportunities to prepare and deliver clear media messages, in both adverse and sympathetic conditions.  Real persistent journalists pursuing their line while you try and establish your own – it’s a great challenge. And, of course, the recordings give instant feedback, welcome or not. All of this is packed with a fun, anecdotes, experiences, intellectual challenges, discussion….Highly recommended”

Hugh Roberts (WRVS/ Director of Corporate Resources/Interim CEO Edinburgh Zoo)